Sci-Fi Girls With Alien Guns

Sci-Fi Girls With Alien Guns
Tall Goddess is given her first Battle Dress Uniform which has been created with a special highly polished “deflector” metal alloy to cover her most vulnerable body parts! This test is being held at the ULTRA’s headquarters on planet Pussea. Watch this beautiful sci-fi girl from Germany use the Alien Guns, during training, for masturbation and achieving orgasms. After all the live of the Space Girl Warriors could be really lonely. But we are thankful for their sacrifice in the name of protecting our planet from the Big Cock Alien Breeders.
Sci-Fi Girls with Alien Guns presents Tall Goddess
Deep inside the Sexoids Mothership we find Nikki Nova trapped in some sort of Alien operating room. Slow and groggy Nikki begins to awaken from her long deep sleep shocked to find herself attached to alien sex machine by metallic porno tentacles. In this scene Nikki was probed in all holes by the tentacles for testing, before given to the huge dick alien breeders for further sexual experiments.
Nikki Nova in Sci-Fi Girls with Alien Guns

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